PTWN is a gathering of like-minded leaders and churches who have joined together underneath Steve Schultz to be a viable, related, apostolic network located within the wider framework of Congress-WBN. It encompasses leaders and people who have embraced apostolic reformation positions and who are committed to correctly building strong 21st century churches. The downstreaming dimension of this building grace is hallmarked by a people who are coded for obedience and whose lifestyles and attitudes reflect indomitable Kingdom perspectives and positions.

Since its formation in 2004, PTWN leaders and churches have endeavored to:

  • Portray correct individual movement towards personal maturity by engaging in sincere personal and Holy Spirit inspired transformation.
  • Display correct patterns of corporate movement in God, migrating from North American “church systems” into the reality of Apostolic Reformation.
  • Pattern for others the viability and necessity of cultivating an accurate apostolic networking relationship.
  • Offer before God another vessel upon the earth which represents the reality of the Kingdom of God, thereby providing a portal for others to see a viable, synergistic, relational, apostolic network.
  • Provide leaders with the resource to bring systemic change within their existing environment.
  • Demonstrate to leaders correct patterns of governance, submission, relationship, servitude, and the power to move from “blessing others” to building correct human beings.

PTWN is one of the few endemic Apostolic Reformation network inside of the USA and is currently being used by God to spearhead His purpose into the USA by slow, deliberate and accurate building on the individual and corporate Kingdom community level.